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Cave Salamander © 2008 Bright

Cave Salamander


Bristly Cave Crayfish © 2008 Bright



Eastern Pipistrel © 2007 Bright

Eastern Pipistrel


Cave Salamander Swimming © 2009 Bright

Cave Salamander Swimming


Ozark Blind Cave Salamander © 2008 Bright

Ozark Blind Cave Salamander


Flying Bats © 2006 Bright

Gray Bat Gliding


Dark Sided Salamander in Smallin © 2008 Bright

Dark Sided Salamander



Cave Cricket © 2006 Bright

Cave Cricket


Swallow Nest on a Cave Formation © 2009 Bright

Swallow in Nest


Pickerel Frog © 2008 Bright

Pickerel Frog


Bat Taking Flight © 2006 Bright

Gray Bat Taking Off


Slimy Salamander © 2008 Bright

Slimy Salamander


Baby Big Brown Bat © 2007 Bright

Brown Bat Baby


Ozark Blind Cave Salamander in Cave Pool © 2006 Bright

Blind Cave Salamander in Pool


Pipistrel Squinting © 2007 Bright

Pipistrel Squinting


Dr. David Ashley During a Bristly Cave Crayfish Study in Smallin Cave Feb. 09 © 2009 Compton

Dr Ashley's Lab


Measuring a Bristly Cave Crayfish © 2009 Bright

Crayfish Being Measured 02-09 Kevin


Taking Another Measurement © 2009 Compton

Crayfish Being Measured Lesley


Measuring a Cave Salamander © 2009 Bright

Cave Salamander Being Measured


Crayfish being Weighed © 2009 Bright

Crayfish Being Weighd



Bristly Crayfish With Eggs © 2009 Bright

Bristly With Eggs in Bucket



Bristly Crayfish Eggs © 2009 Bright

Bristly Eggs



Cave Salamander & Slimy Salamander © 2009 Bright

Salamander Cousins



Yes, this is a young turkey swimming in a cave pool. Near the entrance to the

cave a flock of wild turkeys were split up by a red fox. This young turkey flew into

the cave to escape and wound up lost in the dark. © 2009 Bright

Turkey Swimming in Cave Pool



Kevin posing with the "Cave Turkey" in front of the Great White Staircase © 2009 Bright

Cave Turkey



Ozark Blind Cave Salamander on a rimstone dam © 2009 Bright

Adult Grotto Salamander



Bristly Cave Crayfish in Smallin Cave pool © 2011 Bright



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